MapCache 1.10 Changelog

Changes from 1.10.0-rc1 to 1.10.0-rc2


1.10.0-rc2 was released as the final 1.10.0 release.

  • Fixed some memory leaks of curl headers (Ruben Nijveld) : 090565a

Changes from 1.8.0 to 1.10.0-rc1

  • Minor updates to release scripts (jbo-ads) : b551271

  • [Backport branch-1-6] clear errors after failed dimension check when used in context of forwarding rules ( #168 ) (Thomas Bonfort) : c9cfcec

  • Fix example list_query for postgresql time dimension (David Hoese) : 4562736

  • Fix misleading ‹dimension› error messages with forwarding rules parameters (jbo-ads) : 8f6bb22

  • Minor fix (jbo-ads) : 44b5983

  • Update mapcache_detail (jbo-ads) : 283a70a

  • mapcache_detail wrt ztop (jbo-ads) : 1834d3d

  • Adapt mapcache_detail to ‹ztop› SQLite cache structure (jbo-ads) : c265ece

  • Implement ‹Z-top› feature where MultiDBs contain pyramids from a given top zoom level (jbo-ads) : fe60a47

  • Minor fix in documentation (jbo-ads) : 95b52db

  • Add documentation in mapcache.xml.sample configuration file (jbo-ads) : 4a0123e

  • Add configuration options for tuning MapCache connection pool (jbo-ads) : 01ab731

  • Fix issue regarding subdimensions in multithread WMS context (jbo-ads) : ba87a70

  • Fix bug in configuration parsing (jbo-ads) : 02ec060

  • Add <assembly_threaded_fetching> configuration tag for fetching subtiles using multiple threads (jbo-ads) : 6c7fafa

  • Add <wms_querybymap> configuration tag for querying dimension at WMS map level instead of tile level (jbo-ads) : 24a4c02

  • Rewrite image alpha detection for better readability (jbo-ads) : a3b2ad5

  • Fix dimension values forwarded to WMS source (jbo-ads) : a118e91

  • Add configuration attribute for activating this optimization (jbo-ads) : 30adc48

  • Add multithreading on subtile retrieval (jbo-ads) : 9b0309e

  • Query second level dimensions at map level when possible (jbo-ads) : a55685f

  • Take PNG opacity into account when merging tiles (jbo-ads) : c3f706d

  • Fix thread-safety issue with ElasticSearch second level dimensions (jbo-ads) : 9ddee6b

  • Add ‹mapcache› module name to Apache logs entries (jbo-ads) : 0ba4aa7

  • Update version to 1.9dev (Jérome Boué) : ed8d31b

  • Fix text for WITH_POSTGRESQL (Bas Couwenberg) : c7c42eb

  • Copy blank tile to new buffer. Try to reuse blank tile when setting up rules (tomhel) : 78c4e47

  • return blank tile (when outside visible extent) in configured format (tomhel) : 074471e

  • rework visible extent rule to allow multiple extents per zoom level (tomhel) : 4b93fec

  • some fixes to get ruleset up and running (Hellström Tommy) : 62a2e07

  • must parse ruleset before tileset (tomhel) : 43c3732

  • allocate empty rules array instead of NULL (tomhel) : 9ae5433

  • allow multiple zoom_levels per rule (tomhel) : 3766754

  • some ruleset refactoring and cleanup (tomhel) : 6d1e843

  • implement ruleset (tomhel) : 19e171b

  • trailing whitespace breaks build (Ezequiel Lara Gómez) : 64555bf

  • use execute_process instead of exec_program in FindAPACHE.cmake (Ezequiel Lara Gómez) : bdd9c42