class mapscript.hashTableObj

An object to store key-value pairs



int immutable immutable number of items


The membership flag


__init__()[исходный код]

Create a new instance

clear() void[исходный код]

Empties the table of all items

get(key: char, default_value: char = None) char[исходный код]

Returns the value of the item by its key, or default if the key does not exist

keys()[исходный код]

Python-only. In Python MapScript the hashTableObj can be used and accessed as a dictionary. The keys method returns a view of all the keys in the hashTableObj.

nextKey(prevkey: char = None) char const[исходный код]

Returns the name of the next key or NULL if there is no valid next key. If the input key is NULL, returns the first key

remove(key: char) int[исходный код]

Removes the hash item by its key. Returns MS_SUCCESS or MS_FAILURE

set(key: char, value: char) int[исходный код]

Set a hash item given key and value. Returns MS_SUCCESS or MS_FAILURE